Its been a whole like 4 hours… I’m quickly becoming addicted.

Anyways, I would like to invite you to join in passively to my mini rant about the hell that is presenting. If you’re wondering about my stance on it, I do not like presenting. If someone could please explain to me why my ability to stand in front of a classroom full of scary judgers (probably not but try telling me that when I’m standing up there) should stand as an accurate depiction of my knowledge on a subject, that would be lovely (and will probably end in my just screaming NO and running away). I have too many thoughts in my head to string together a coherent statement while being stared down by a horribly hellish herd of heathens (again probably overreacting… also double points for the “real gud” alliteration, I may write a poem [I will not be actually writing a poem about this]).

ALSO TO PROFESSORS WATCHING MY PRESENTATION: FRIGGING SMILE! I am clearly terrified by your presence as well as the presence of my classmates, so be nice to me 😦 <– so sad emoticon is sad. Also to all the people who offered pity good jobs, bless you!!! On the bright side (!!!!!): guess who is done presenting for the semester save for a 5 minute presentation in a group of 6 (so basically I will be doing my best to avoid speaking at all costs like the worm I am). CELEBRATE!!

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