alt-J gave me nightmares…

Hello friends!

So last night I was laying in bed minding my own business when my friend decided to destroy my happy little utopia by sending me a link to this youtube video that made me feel all kinds of uncomfortable :

Sorry I’ll give you a minute to watch that about seventeen thousand times over again because thats the amount of times I had to watch it to chill the heck out and really get it. FIRST I would like to say that at first I just listened to it without really listening or watching it and thought it was catchy as heck, then she started talking about how messed the fuck up it was and I actually paid attention (best/worst decision ever).

SO! Lets discuss. Before reading the comments I had no idea what the hell was going on, but after reading them (ugh will talk about them later! How this turned into a women’s vs. men’s faults is interesting, but it kinda seemed like it turned into a sort of men against women kinda thing, when like no), I learned that the girl that gets killed ties up this guy’s wife (potentially her lover’s wife?!), and he walks in and is not super enthused with this, so he lets her go, then they duke it out, and eventually she gets waked on the head with a cinderblock.

Ok so first of all it took me a good 3 watches to realize that the wife and the dead girl aren’t the same person (alt-J work on your character individuality). But anyways, people were going at it in the comment section discussing who’s fault it was, which turned into a huge debate about abuse and gender. One thing that really bothered me was the idea that it was the man’s fault because he hurt a woman. PLEASE DON’T HATE ME FOR SAYING THIS BOTHERED ME! But it did… the thing is, they were saying that it is never ok for a MAN to hurt a WOMAN, they said nothing about a WOMAN hurting a MAN because obviously a woman would never be strong enough to take out a guy. It is NEVER ok for ANYONE to hurt ANYONE. Like this woman was DETERMINED she could for SURE have taken me out, I don’t know if I would have whipped a cinderblock at her, but people have different methods apparently. Like this whole feminism debate goes both ways people, just like guys can’t be fuckers to women, women can’t be fuckers to men either! Also if a girl was so inclined to be a fucker to a man, she could clearly succeed, she’s not weak based on her gender. HOWEVER girls PLEASE do not go locking up some guy you like’s wife and try to shank him. That’s not nice either.

All this being said, this freaking video scared the crap out of me and I kept seeing this girl’s face creeping out behind my bookshelf all night while trying to sleep, so if I never have to watch a scary music video again it will be too soon. I’m so interested in what other people think about this video and the gender dynamics that are at play!


Its been a whole like 4 hours… I’m quickly becoming addicted.

Anyways, I would like to invite you to join in passively to my mini rant about the hell that is presenting. If you’re wondering about my stance on it, I do not like presenting. If someone could please explain to me why my ability to stand in front of a classroom full of scary judgers (probably not but try telling me that when I’m standing up there) should stand as an accurate depiction of my knowledge on a subject, that would be lovely (and will probably end in my just screaming NO and running away). I have too many thoughts in my head to string together a coherent statement while being stared down by a horribly hellish herd of heathens (again probably overreacting… also double points for the “real gud” alliteration, I may write a poem [I will not be actually writing a poem about this]).

ALSO TO PROFESSORS WATCHING MY PRESENTATION: FRIGGING SMILE! I am clearly terrified by your presence as well as the presence of my classmates, so be nice to me 😦 <– so sad emoticon is sad. Also to all the people who offered pity good jobs, bless you!!! On the bright side (!!!!!): guess who is done presenting for the semester save for a 5 minute presentation in a group of 6 (so basically I will be doing my best to avoid speaking at all costs like the worm I am). CELEBRATE!!

basically going to save the world here once country song at a time…

So I think it’s fitting that my first blog post will be a miss-matched collection of ideas concerning my rage at pop culture (don’t get my wrong, pop culture is my jam, I have no energy/time to follow anything NOT considered pop culture, yay for accessibility!) (also it is NOT only pop culture that does this, but this is where my head’s at) and its misogynistic and fucked up depictions of people. Female, male, trans, gender queer, whatever you’re rocking today, if you try to find where you fit you’re basically stuck with the most normative constricting definition of people you’re supposed to associated with ever. Yuck. Here is my suggestion for saving the binaries of the world: PEOPLE JUST STOP BEING DICKS TO OTHERS AND STOP DEGRADING YOURSELVES. Maybe this is slightly generalized, but basically not being a dick means treating everyone equally. Sassy as this sounds, I really do not understand why this concept is taking so long to take hold. Maybe this is unwarranted advice, but do yourself (and the rest of the world) a favour and live up to your own standards, not society’s.

P.S. This post was inspired by a manic outburst after seeing quotes from satan’s (ok thats a touch dramatic) “God Made Girls” by Raelynn (last name apparently not necessary). Tweet inducing this:

“Somebody’s gotta make him get dressed up, give him a reason to wash that truck, someone’s gotta teach him how to dance, so god made girls”

OK. FIRST OF ALL. GIRLS. Your existence has NOTHING TO DO with some guy’s personal hygiene or his ability to get his groove on. SECOND OF ALL. GUYS. you can get dressed up and clean your effing truck for whatever reason you want! Perhaps he just doesn’t want to be disgusting and actually clean his truck and wear a nice shirt once in a while! Plus dancing is fun as heck. Not everything a girl does is for a guy, and not everything guys do is for a girl. This song actually makes me want to punch things (I wish sexism was a distinct entity so I could throw some whip-kicks). ALSO SIDE BAR THIS SONG LIKE MOST SONGS EVER FRIGGING CREATED IGNORES EVERY OTHER GENDER OTHER THAN “THE BIG TWO” SO GO AWAY.

P.P.S. This feels like a successful first post… agree?

Have a lovely day starlets, kisses and high fives!